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ideatoblog was launched in summer 2016 to allow webmasters to write content of interest.

Content Writing

> After having searched the web, we realized that the conccurence of this type of service is very weak whereas the need is enormous. Any webmaster interested in SEO needs to know the visitor's request to adjust the content. Creating a website is not just putting its content. Creating a website is mainly responding to a request, a need and respond to it as accurately as possible. In this state of mind, ideatoblog's mission is to query Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay, Amazon, YouTube ... on its recommendations and give you the result. Based on the autocompletion and the study of the user's behaviors, the search engines establish precise propositions according to keywords. ideatoblog recovers these suggestions so you can create quality information content. The optimal use of ideatoblog can be coupled with Google adwords. however, it is not necessary to have an active campaign for this. Google adwords will allow you to get the keyword search volume

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