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Content writing

Boost your content writing thanks to the structure of the page

Write date 2017-11-17

Writing content for your site may seem easy but it is not always the case.

Here are some tips:

Highlight the title of your blog

The title of the article must be framed by a H1 tag

You highlight the subject of your article.

This allows in one second to understand the content of your article.

So the visitor of your blog will quickly know if your content matches his expectations.

You also allow Google to understand the content of your page and direct the visitor to it.

It is therefore very important that the title is composed of a keyword.

A reasonable amount of subtitles

Subtitles will enhance every part of your blog.

You must use them wisely and reasonably.

Subtitles will be framed by H2 or H3 tags

Also think that your article deals with a specific subject. It's useless to make a novel of it and make the visitor flee.

Be concise!

An irreproachable spelling for your blog

This sounds like nothing but your reader may be cultured and will be obfuscated if your content is not re-read and corrected.

This marks a lack of seriousness and rigor.

Making spelling mistakes on your blog will inspire your reader with unreliable content.

Have your article re-read or go through an online spell checker.