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Ideatoblog's Terms and Conditions

Ideatoblog provides its customers with a list of keywords to structure their blog posts and, in general, the content of their site. Our SEO tools search the search engines to obtain keywords with high added value. Ideatoblog does not forward your research to partners. Ideatoblog offers a set amount of credits to use its tools at registration and in exchange for certain activities such as the visit of partner sites, or the validation of the email address (non-exhaustive list). It is possible to buy a credit supplement. In your customer account, click the appropriate buttons for premium status. The quantity of credits, as well as the financial value is defined there as well. Conditions of sending Depending on the payment method, credits are either directly added to your account or require manual validation. Refund conditions Since Ideatoblog offers you credits for registration, we believe you know the usefulness of the credits and the result. There will be no refund. Exceptional cases such as the double payment caused by a computer bug can be discussed with the support. Unused credits are not refunded. No time limit is assigned to the use of your credits. Expenditure of credits. 1 credit is spent each time you start a search. A search equals between 10 and 30 results depending on the tool used. Some tools are free. The words "gratuit" or "free" are assigned to them on their respective pages of use.