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When you search on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, their search engine retrieves the most common searches and offers them first. Our tools retrieve the first 10 suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing ... from the word you want. He goes further. He proposes to add for this word a letter or a number and indicates the 10 proposed results. You will get a thematic suite on which to work or very useful keywords for SEO. These tools will display very quickly all the proposals of search engines such as Google. What interest ? If Google suggests these words it's just because it offers what people are looking for most in combination with your keyword. You can then retrieve an effective SEO technique to create a list of keywords. In the same way, you can think about these proposals and create a new blog article.

Content writing

Written content is the art of writing content for your blog, site or shop. But it's not just writing content. The writing content is rich in keywords optimized for SEO.


"Search Engine Optimization: Processes that relate to the online visibility of a website or web page into the unpaid results of a search engine," or "merits".
writing content
"Specialization in providing relevant content for websites. Each website has a particular target audience and different content. The content must contain keywords to improve the SEO of a website.
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