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How to improve SEO

The numbers of the web

3.025 billion Internet users, or 42% of the population. 2,060 billion registered on social networks 68% of Internet users. Time spent on the Internet 4.8 hours a day via a computer, 2.1 hours via a mobile. 8 new users every second. Every minute on the Internet, it's: 4 million Google searches are done. 2.46 million content is shared on Facebook. 347 222 photos are shared on WhatsApp. 277,000 tweets are sent.

The Web had more than one billion sites in September 2014.
822,240 new websites are posted each day.

  • 81% in North America (86% in Canada, 80% in the US)
  • 78% in Western Europe (83% in France)
  • 18% in Africa
  • 12% in South Asia
  • 216,000 photos are shared on Instagram
  • 8,333 Vine videos are shared
  • 3,472 images are pinned on Pinterest
  • 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube
  • 204 million emails are sent
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo!
  • Baidu

The numbers in this ranking are for monthly unique visitors.

  • 40.5M: Google
  • 30,0M: Facebook
  • 25.8M: YouTube
  • 24.6M: Microsoft
  • 24.3M: MSN / Windows Live
  • 20.3M: Orange
  • 19.2M: Wikipedia
  • 17.0M: Leboncoin
  • 16,1M: Skype
  • 15.8M: Yellow Pages
  • English, with 536 million users
  • Chinese, with 444.9 million users
  • Spanish, with 153.3 million users
  • Japanese, with 99.1 million users
  • Portuguese, with 82.5 million users
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • The Good Corner
  • Yahoo Actu

For more information: We Are Social, Internet figures in 2014 and web and social statistics in October 2014.

Satisfy the visitor

In order to please the search engines more, we must now please the visitor. For that, I invite you to optimize the loading time of your site . Be aware that a site that takes more than 4 seconds to display is left by the visitor. The impatience of the visitor is your worst enemy. The visual of the site is also very important. Do not imagine that a customer can linger on a site that looks like an old tapestry unless it's what you sell (retro). So look after the design by choosing a good template. Who has never come across a site whose architecture was incomprehensible? You must be careful with ergonomics . A well-organized menu, a well-presented page, well-located visuals will be the key to your success. no visitor will look for more than 3 minutes the link that interests him. This must be obvious to the reader. Do not think so as the webmaster. Create the site for the visitor. The geolocation ... And yes, Google will rank the most interesting sites according to your location. Your site must also be updated regularly. If the algorithm notices that you are no longer modifying your site, that you are not adding content, the search engine will simply think that it is an abandoned site.


If you want the search engine to find you easily, you must have each of your pages tagged in. These tags summarize the content of the page. Unique tags for each page: In the head of your page, you must have: <title> enter the title of the page visible in the name of the <title> tab <meta description> enter the description of the page </metadescription> <meta keywords> enter keywords </meta keywords> In the body of your site, between the body tags, you must have hn tags and other information such as links titles. <h1> enter the title of the page visible to the user on the site </h1> Here are tags needed but present in unlimited quantities. <p> enter the content of the page between these tags. </p> <a href = "" alt = "" title = "" target = "_ blank"> enter links to external pages </a> These tags are mandatory for excellent SEO. Respect them and you will quickly have a site whose pages will be indexed and optimized for SEO.

Guide the robots

3 essential natural search files: A site that is well done must have a detailed plan of its architecture. This plan will be visible in a file of type Sitemap.xml Your architecture must also have a file allowing or denying access to visitors. This file should be called: .htaccess The .htaccess file must be placed directly in the folder that owns the site. To create it, it is easier to write it as a text file and rename it to .htaccess when placed in the FTP. Your FTP will need a file named: robot.txt Robots can not classify pages they can not index. This file will allow you to accompany the robot to do its work where it is expected.

visual comfort

A site that does not display well will make the visitor flee. There is nothing more unpleasant than a badly presented site. The ergonomics of the site is important but at the time of smartphones and tablets, we will talk more about responsive design. To remedy this, all CMS offer responsive templates. Visual comfort also means choosing this CMS. Magento works effectively for very large shops. Prestashop is made for medium shops. Wordpress is created for blogs. Joomla was designed for showcase sites. Purists will finally prefer layouts with tools such as Bootstrap to create custom sites. Also be aware that each one allows in the form of modules and plugins to do what others do best. example the Woocommerce plugin allows sites under Wordpress to have a shop. Also remember to have pages with a speaking name. How to guess that the page speaks about SEO? It is much more preferable that it is called To achieve this feat, it is necessary to be interested in the url rewriting. Finally, think of the visitor. If he sees a term in your article that interests him, he must be able to click on it and arrive at a further explanation or another article evoking the same term. I invite you to optimize your internal links!

Ban the duplicate content

To ensure a good SEO, you must have original content. Forget the copy / paste called in the referencing jargon the duplicate content. Never copy the content of another site. Of course, you will find in 99% of the cases a site having already treated an identical subject. In this case, write with your words. Choose other phrases, another syntax, or a different way of approaching the same topic. To be well referenced and to bring visitors, you must stand out! Offer an exceptional service, an original service, a larger service or on the contrary much more specialized.

Produce content

As for content tracking, methods apply. We talk about search marketing. The simplest idea to put in place is to have to follow a publication schedule. Plan for pages with at least 250 words, some SEO specialists will even go up to a minimum of 350 words. But the best blogs are around 1000 words to be easily found by search engines. Think about developing topics around a specific topic. Find more to write about what users are looking for, not what you like. Users are looking for content, search engines also ... so your keyboards!

SSL Certificate

Today, having a secure site is essential. But security is everybody's business when it comes to websites. The host and the webmaster each have their role to hold. Indeed, the host must be able to provide you an URL with an SSL certificate. Since the summer of 2016, free certificates are offered by the biggest hosting companies thanks to a technology called Let 's encrypt. The webmaster must also ensure the safety of the visitor and the security of his site. For this, it must check the entries in the input fields in particular to control that code inclusions are not created. Slight functions exist for this and they are often implemented directly in the tool you use. Forms are indeed the first flaw of a website. Do not forget to add a captcha before form validation.

Content of quality

Propose relevant information Respond to the demand of users Facilitate the understanding of content by robots To refer to your site is to write for the web. Semantic markup is important. You must create deep links to all pages of the site so that each page is linked to others. Thus, the visitor can easily visit your website and discover its content. The visitor must also be able to navigate easily on the page. a good navigation will allow the visitor to find a detailed answer to his question. The link anchor becomes indispensable! An anchor looks like this: Target If you are able to broadcast content via an RSS feed for example, feel free to do so. Also think of the visitor who might not be on your site if he had the information. It is therefore necessary to explain to him. For that, think about using an adapted vocabulary and be pedagogue. If you know how to manipulate the tools of the web, I advise you to use the multimedia resources. A video refers very well and attracts visitors. The visitor prefers to watch a video rather than read the content. Finally, I will not tire of telling you that a page = a specific subject and well worked! Your expertise is expected. The expertise will reassure the visitor and will lead him to continue reading.


Uncover the Top Keywords Follow trends Work on the volumetry Watch ROI ROI by keyword and get the most out of it. If you want to make money with your site then your daily question will be: How much does a keyword cost and what does it cost? And for that, as a good expert, you will have to study the forecasts and trends of new keywords. You will need to detect opportunities. Without audience analysis, how do you know what works? You will have to define precisely the theme of the page and the semantic field of this theme. With this method you will search for key words and phrases relevant to SEO. Do not forget to put appropriate tags on the keywords. Put a keyword in bold is a minimum. 2 main rules are to respect to refer a page: 1 keyword = 1 text page 1 page of text = 250 words minimum. In addition, you must know and take into account the terms used by Internet users. For each section and category, define 2 lists: - List of main keywords. Often the most competitive words. Choose in number of 3. - List of secondary keywords: Key bits adapted to your product or service. Choose in 5.


Dominate search engine results pages The search engine result page (SERP) represents the outgoing pages of the search engine result. According to a very precise algorithm and tedious rules to define, the search engines present you with a series of pages answering less and less close to your search request. Algorythms therefore evaluate the content of the site to designate it as exactly matching the visitor's search. Your short term goal for your SEO is to be in the first page of the result, see the second page. In the more or less long term, you must aim for the first 10 results. These are the pages that the web users first see.


There are several types of web community and several methods to access these communities. You can communicate with customers on social networks such as Facebook twitter viadéo ... You can communicate in social media (youtube, dailymotion) Social networks and social media are the best known. However, other techniques exist and are very often unknown or forgotten. It is possible to communicate in press releases. Here are two examples: and It is finally possible to share your articles in article directories - example:


The technique of Link ninja is to persuade a webmaster to link to your site. Advantages The anchor of the link can often be chosen by the ninja. It is possible to obtain links on pages of great qualities (same theme, high popularity, strong reputation, page with seniority ...) It is possible to choose the URL to which the link points. Cons The ninja needs to be very persuasive and negotiator It must offer a counterpart to the establishment of the link. This consideration can be a simple link exchange or money. The link ninja is the most used method to improve its SEO. You must contact other webmasters to propose a partnership. Thus, without a quality site, it will be difficult to induce someone to make a backlink. And it takes a lot of time.

Links Strategy

Linkbait refers to the natural obtaining of a link, for example in the case where bloggers have enjoyed the site, they can naturally make an article about it (including a link). These links are the best because they bring a positive touch in addition to the click. But this type of link is quite rare for a young site, you must start by creating links. To create new links with your shop or showcase, the best known trick is to create your first blog. Your blog will talk about your products and each page of the blog will be linked to a page of the shop. Then, I advise you to look for other sites having a certain proximity with yours to create affinities. The more outdoor sites talk about you, the better for you. Strategically speaking, the search engine is not yet able to better refer a site if its visitors are satisfied. To better find you in all these partnerships, I advise you to indulge in Linkgraph. The linkgraph is to make a graph of links to find your way around your site and with your partners.

Adapt to Google vocal

(Manual queries are however also concerned). The terms constituting a query are now taken into consideration in a global manner and not individually. Sites that will benefit will be those that offer quality content written primarily for the reader. If there is an impact, it should in this sense affect the long tail . More than ever, it's time to focus on the semantic dimension of SEO!

Loading speed

This is not new. The loading speed of a page is undeniably one of the main criteria of the visitor and Google. For the visitor, there will not be more than 3 seconds left on your site if it is not displayed completely. For Google, it's a real race for speed that starts for your SEO. The more powerful your hosting will be, the more optimized your site will be, the better you will be referenced. So do not hesitate:

  • Compression of images
  • No ads on the homepage
  • Powerful hosting
  • No animation
  • Nothing superfluous

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